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ISBN 1-882660-08-0
Running time: 28 minutes
DVD Format: $39.95
VHS Format: $39.95

DVD cover art

Horace Pippin: There Will Be Peace

Played by Brock Peters
Created and Produced by Linda Freeman
Written and Directed by David Irving

What many an artist spends years learning, Horace Pippin knew by instinct. A self-taught artist, Pippin’s paintings reflect his own life and concerns. A poet whose language is art, he expressed himself with forceful directness, striking color and originality.

Horace Pippin at work.
Pippin’s post-war paintings.
Pippin painted scenes from his daily life, what was going on around him.
Art supplies in Pippin’s time.
Historic scenes from the war.
People are often portrayed Pippin’s art.
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