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ISBN 1-882660-20-8
Running time: 28 minutes
DVD Format: $39.95
VHS Format: $39.95

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I Can Fly 3: Kids, Painting & Modern Art

Hosted by teenager Austin Eve Irving
Created and Produced by Linda Freeman
Written and Directed by David Irving

Every young painter is a modern artist, reflecting modern times. This fun, exciting 28 minute tape explores seven key modern styles or art “isms”: Pointillism (at 5 min.), Fauvism (at 8 min.), Dadaism (at 11 min.), Cubism (at 14 min.), Abstract Impressionism (at 16 min.), Op and Pop Art (at 21 min.), and Photo-realism (at 24 min.).

Hosted by a teenager, this documentary features examples of artwork from some of the most dynamic modern artists such as Seurat, Matisse, Man Ray, Picasso, Pollack, Escher, and Chuck Close, who is featured throughout the tape. Artists of all ages will be inspired by these works to express their own passions on paper or canvas.

The documentary also features performances by internationally acclaimed theatrical troupes such as BLUE MAN GROUP, STOMP! and the Paper Bag Players. This documentary is appropriate for children of all ages!

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