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ISBN 1-882660-16-5
Running time: 28 minutes
DVD Format: $39.95
VHS Format: $39.95

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I Can Fly: Kids & Creativity

Hosted by teenager Austin Eve Irving
Created and Produced by Linda Freeman
Written and Directed by David Irving

This fun and exciting 25 minute tape explores the creative process in art (at 4 minutes), music (at 9 minutes), song (at 11 minutes), pottery (at 14 minutes), and dance (at 17 minutes).

Hosted by a teenager, this show features artists: Faith Ringgold, Jacob Lawrence and Elizabeth Catlett, in addition to performances by internationally acclaimed theatrical troupes: BLUE MAN GROUP, de la GUARDA and STOMP!
We defy anyone to watch and not be inspired to locate and ignite their creativity with the sparks that fly on this documentary!

Host, Austin Eve Irving, engages the audience throughout the documentary.
Kids work in a variety of art mediums.
Elizabeth Catlett shares her process in sculpting clay.
Students in a ceramics lesson.
Scenes from performances of STOMP!
Students express themselves through dance.
Film of Jacob Lawrence working in his studio.
Faith Ringgold paints and encourages viewers.
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