L&S Video: Linda Freeman

Linda Freeman: Multimedia Artist

Linda Freeman†is represented by:
SOHO20 Gallery Chelsea
547 West 27th Street, Suite 301
New York, NY 10001
Contact: Jenny Deirdre, director

When she's not producing documentaries, filming and lecturing, Linda Freeman can be found in her studio. Below is a selection of her recent work.

You can learn more on the Exhibitions section of this site or call her at 914.238.9366.

2009, Acrylic & Oil with
Quilted Border
6' x 8'
Exhibited at the Children's Museum of Manhattan
Cry for Peace 1
2009, Acrylic & Oil
4' x 7'
Cry for Peace 2
2009, Acrylic & Oil
4' x 7'
A Little Madness
Oil, 68 x 73.5"
Oil and mixed media
68 x 62"
The House of Blocks
Acrylic and mixed media
71 x 76"
Song for Song
Oil, 101 x 45"
In the Season of Love
Oil and mixed media
75 x 78"
Wild Cherry
Acrylic and mixed media
69 x 83"
Children See Through Darkness
Oil and mixed media
82 x 85"
Circle Within Circle
Oil and mixed media
45.5 x 46"
Spring Came Today
Oil and mixed media
51.5 x 57.5"
Scoop a Handful of Night
Oil, 93 x 58"


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Chappaqua NY 10514
tel. 914-238-9366
fax. 914-238-6324
email: videopaint2@msn.com

Linda’s Web Site

Linda Freeman — artist, videographer, and founder of L&S Video, now has her own web site!

Limited Edition Portrait
Portrait of Faith Ringgold, 2006
by Linda Freeman
Gicleť, collage, acrylic paint
17 x 14" framed, Limited Edition


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