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Faith Ringgold

Faith Ringgold is one of the most prominent African American Women artists of the past 4 decades.

Share an insider's look at how one African-American woman, through patience, perseverance and education, fulfilled her dream of becoming an artist.

Every obstacle Faith Ringgold faced reinforced her determination to reach her goal.

In addition to Faith Ringgold's biography, these documentaries also provide an intimate look at the artist and her craft.

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  • A painter by profession, Faith Ringgold has moved away from traditional framed canvases to "tankas", paintings on quilted canvas with frames of quilted fabric.

    You will see artist Faith Ringgold in her studio discussing her work and artistic inspiration.

    L&S Videos has produced 2 documentaries on Faith Ringgold:

    <b>Faith Ringgold</b>: The Last Story Quilt DVD Cover <b>Faith Ringgold</b>: Paints Crown Heights DVD Cover

    These documentaries are ideal for art students, artists, and art teachers who wish to introduce modern American art and artists to their classroom, particularly African American Art, and African American Women artists.

    Each of the Faith Ringgold films is available in DVD and VHS format. They are close captioned in English and Spanish. A study guide for each Faith Ringgold documentary is also available for download with your purchase.

    Click on the links to preview each Faith Ringgold documentary, or to order now:

    Faith Ringold, artist Faith Ringold and her work, biography of Faith Ringold

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